December 1


Since the liver Dr came in late last night and said things were not as dire as it at first appeared it really sounds like an answer to prayer to me.

If all goes well this first night, and the can get him into a detox program here in Williamsburg and he can be off alcohol for 60 days, MCV will put him on a list for liver transplant. But he has to maintain free to alcohol to remain on the list.

I am hoping and praying that he can do that.

They took more blood (sure he is starting to feel like Chekhov on Star Trek).

His body, particularly his arms and legs, are blown up with fluid that should be in his blood vessels. They will likely be starting to address that that today.

They have started the detox medications of course; librium every 8 hrs and ativan between to mitigate the symptoms of withdrawal.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


He is being kept on lithium and ativan to get through this time while they are detoxing his system to help his liver function better hopefully

Last night they were giving some light at the end of this very dark tunnel and the nurse today is so negative.

I will wait to talk with the doctor before allowing the negativity to get to me.


OK, Dr Kaiser came in. Basically Jim’s liver has failed – they are trying to work on the various areas like clotting, bilirubin counts, ammonia counts, etc. all hi liver enzymes are off the charts.

The are going to install a pic line because the are having trouble getting an IV and keeping it open for very long.

They are trying to keep him comfortable at the same time they try to get these counts within reasonable amounts as well as get the massive fluid retention down as well.

Liver transplant is possible but reasonably few livers are available and many young people needing one would take precedence over an older person who might potentially turn around like Mickey Mantle and go back to drinking (Dr’s words).

He will be in ICU for likely 2-3 more days at this point, it is hour by hour as to what they will do based on his responses to treatment.

Not sure there is a way forward; just a way to mitigate what is if he responds to treatment and they can get him past detox safely


He is awake and somewhat lucid but not completely