December 2


No change this morning. They have him heavily medicated.

My brother had me come for breakfast this morning (he cooked). Got 4 hrs sleep … As a matter if fact, I slept so hard the nurse was surprised I didn’t wake up with all the people in and out throughout those 4 hrs


Jim was much more aware when he was awake. He started sweats this morning. But the librium and ativan are working very well. Seems as far as detox goes dr is very pleased how lucid he is today in the middle of that. He could have been mean, hallucinating, etc. but he is doing quite well so far.

I think that is a direct answer to prayer … So many praying and sending powerful positive thoughts too

So thankful to god, and the powerful thoughts and prayers by everyone


Tomorrow they said they will likely move him to another floor and out of ICU 😉

JimmyLee’s nurse said sodium, potassium levels are looking good.

They are giving him ‘Vitamin K’ to help with clotting. They flip him from one side to the other every two hours and the have leg massagers alternating to keep blood clots from forming in his legs.

He is still heavily sedated and hasn’t been awake since he asked me to go home and get his laptop. He does sound like he is beginning to come up a little (lighter sleep) after they turned him. They are now coming in every two hours like a normal floor patient which is good news.

His liver still not functioning right of course.

They are playing a balancing act with meds. Right now they are adding a protein enzyme Albumin to try to force his system to pull the fluid from his limbs back to the blood vessels to deal with the protein enzyme, along with some Lasix to complement that in pulling fluid out of everywhere it doesn’t belong. So far limbs still quite swollen with fluids.

He is also still getting his banana bag made up every day to get vitamins, electrolytes, and other nutrients.

About all to report at the moment.