December 3


The DETOX time has kicked in; sweats, respirations up – been that way most of the night.

Started yesterday, but the lowered Ativan in half which was suppressing respiration.

Jim’s stats have been running high:
Pulse between 105 – 114 +/- currently 105.

Temp 98-98.6 (normal but with sweats).

Respirations 16 – 35 mostly upper 20s – 35 overnight

Blood pressure in good shape; at the moment 124/57 has gone as low as 98 for systolic but averaging 104/53 to 124/79 throughout the night

They had to put an oxygen mask on him at 6 liters since 6 liters without it still had him down to 88 at 6am. With the mask, he is back up to 95.

And this is with the Ativan (1/2 dose of what they were giving him last evening, and lithium alternating.


Oh man … His ammonia levels are double two days ago, it is over 300!

Result of liver failure… It is not filtering as it should and it is building quickly

It was over the top two days ago at half its current level

The dr will be in when he makes his rounds to let me know what the options are. Apparently there is something they can give to lower the level but it is an oral medication and he is nearly comatose