We are losing him


We are losing him … Hours or days; not weeks according to Dr who just came in


They have done a last ditch effort to see if he can wake up from this self induced chemical (ammonia) coma.
It is only a possibility. He can’t take the lactulose orally so they gave it to him in an enema and put in a tube to pull it off so he will stay clean while he is in the coma.
No guarantees, not probable but a remote possibility that it could bring him out and be lucid but no way to know how long, if at all.


8 thoughts on “We are losing him

  1. Thank you all for your wonderful comments here and in chat and on the forums too which I will be visiting soon.

    I can’t tell you how much I hurt and I think even now I must be somewhat numb as my head feels like cotton…

    Please continue to send those positive thoughts and prayers … they are greatly needed.

    I have began a posting at my own BambisMusings Blog here:

    Loving Memory… My Husband, James Lee Radcliffe aka JimmyLee



    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Fran. I could not post at your blog since I don’t have one of the needed accounts to log in, but I did read your posting there.


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