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Thank you all for everything

Howdy folks. I can’t tell you how important you all have been through all this. The support and love has been amazing.

First I wish to thank Adam for starting this blog to keep everyone posted on Jim’s condition so he could point to the blog when folks wanted to know how Jim was doing before he passed away.

I have read over everyone’s comments and I thank you all for that. Until today, I was unable to even read much on this blog because I lived through these days and provided the information that Adam posted here and it was still so painful I found it hard to even post or read the postings here after Jim passed away. As it is, I am crying while reading it all today.

I thank you all for those comments of support during this time.

I also wish to thank you all for your support in the Funeral Fund. Between what was given here and sent through three other sources, the total donated for the Funeral Fund took care of the creation and the memorial service and I can’t thank you all enough. There were a few additional expenses but those too were covered by a second set of donations to the Funeral Fund.

Your support for Jim and for me has been nothing short of amazing and I can’t tell you how much it means to me to know that we could have a very nice Memorial Service and we were able to stream the service as well as save it to on our channel, so folks can view it later. I am hoping to be able to save the two files for the future, but not sure how to do that yet. Please contact me if you have any ideas about that. Currently without paying the videos will be on for 30 days. To extend that storage, costs $19.99/mo. to keep the videos safe so they will not be deleted after 30 days.

We will keep this blog up for posterity and it is linked to from Jim’s Memorial Website on his vanity domain, where you will find more information on the memorial service, posts of stories from Jim’s life that he told me over the years, emails from folks that allowed them to be posted to share their love of JimmyLee, photo album, and a new photo album from the memorial will be added as soon as I get the pictures from my sister that she took with her SLR camera which maybe after I go to Mount Airy, NC/Cana, VA to spend a few weeks over Christmas with my family as my Mother is also very ill and she has been in and out of the hospital. This also gets me surrounded by my very supportive family to help me over my first Christmas in 28 years without the love of my life.

I thank God for family and friends during this time. You all have been wonderful. Dealing with this loss has been the worst thing I have ever dealt with. I thought that losing my Daddy in 2005 was the worst, and it was terrible, but even that pales by comparison to losing your soul mate.

I haveĀ also posted this over on Jim’s Memorial website.

Please feel free to read over all the stories and more there.