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Funeral Fund

Adam, thank you so much for coordinating all this. I don’t know what I would have done without you

I don’t know what I would have done without all our friends and family, online and off.

We have taken down the link to the Funeral Fund now that the Memorial has taken place on the 18th.

Thank you all for your help to get all the arrangements paid for. I have no words to express my thanks so I will simply say, THANK YOU ALL!

If you would like to help with the expenses of JimmyLee’s funeral, please click here. Thanks!



We are losing him


We are losing him … Hours or days; not weeks according to Dr who just came in


They have done a last ditch effort to see if he can wake up from this self induced chemical (ammonia) coma.
It is only a possibility. He can’t take the lactulose orally so they gave it to him in an enema and put in a tube to pull it off so he will stay clean while he is in the coma.
No guarantees, not probable but a remote possibility that it could bring him out and be lucid but no way to know how long, if at all.

December 3


The DETOX time has kicked in; sweats, respirations up – been that way most of the night.

Started yesterday, but the lowered Ativan in half which was suppressing respiration.

Jim’s stats have been running high:
Pulse between 105 – 114 +/- currently 105.

Temp 98-98.6 (normal but with sweats).

Respirations 16 – 35 mostly upper 20s – 35 overnight

Blood pressure in good shape; at the moment 124/57 has gone as low as 98 for systolic but averaging 104/53 to 124/79 throughout the night

They had to put an oxygen mask on him at 6 liters since 6 liters without it still had him down to 88 at 6am. With the mask, he is back up to 95.

And this is with the Ativan (1/2 dose of what they were giving him last evening, and lithium alternating.


Oh man … His ammonia levels are double two days ago, it is over 300!

Result of liver failure… It is not filtering as it should and it is building quickly

It was over the top two days ago at half its current level

The dr will be in when he makes his rounds to let me know what the options are. Apparently there is something they can give to lower the level but it is an oral medication and he is nearly comatose

December 2


No change this morning. They have him heavily medicated.

My brother had me come for breakfast this morning (he cooked). Got 4 hrs sleep … As a matter if fact, I slept so hard the nurse was surprised I didn’t wake up with all the people in and out throughout those 4 hrs


Jim was much more aware when he was awake. He started sweats this morning. But the librium and ativan are working very well. Seems as far as detox goes dr is very pleased how lucid he is today in the middle of that. He could have been mean, hallucinating, etc. but he is doing quite well so far.

I think that is a direct answer to prayer … So many praying and sending powerful positive thoughts too

So thankful to god, and the powerful thoughts and prayers by everyone


Tomorrow they said they will likely move him to another floor and out of ICU 😉

JimmyLee’s nurse said sodium, potassium levels are looking good.

They are giving him ‘Vitamin K’ to help with clotting. They flip him from one side to the other every two hours and the have leg massagers alternating to keep blood clots from forming in his legs.

He is still heavily sedated and hasn’t been awake since he asked me to go home and get his laptop. He does sound like he is beginning to come up a little (lighter sleep) after they turned him. They are now coming in every two hours like a normal floor patient which is good news.

His liver still not functioning right of course.

They are playing a balancing act with meds. Right now they are adding a protein enzyme Albumin to try to force his system to pull the fluid from his limbs back to the blood vessels to deal with the protein enzyme, along with some Lasix to complement that in pulling fluid out of everywhere it doesn’t belong. So far limbs still quite swollen with fluids.

He is also still getting his banana bag made up every day to get vitamins, electrolytes, and other nutrients.

About all to report at the moment.

December 1


Since the liver Dr came in late last night and said things were not as dire as it at first appeared it really sounds like an answer to prayer to me.

If all goes well this first night, and the can get him into a detox program here in Williamsburg and he can be off alcohol for 60 days, MCV will put him on a list for liver transplant. But he has to maintain free to alcohol to remain on the list.

I am hoping and praying that he can do that.

They took more blood (sure he is starting to feel like Chekhov on Star Trek).

His body, particularly his arms and legs, are blown up with fluid that should be in his blood vessels. They will likely be starting to address that that today.

They have started the detox medications of course; librium every 8 hrs and ativan between to mitigate the symptoms of withdrawal.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


He is being kept on lithium and ativan to get through this time while they are detoxing his system to help his liver function better hopefully

Last night they were giving some light at the end of this very dark tunnel and the nurse today is so negative.

I will wait to talk with the doctor before allowing the negativity to get to me.


OK, Dr Kaiser came in. Basically Jim’s liver has failed – they are trying to work on the various areas like clotting, bilirubin counts, ammonia counts, etc. all hi liver enzymes are off the charts.

The are going to install a pic line because the are having trouble getting an IV and keeping it open for very long.

They are trying to keep him comfortable at the same time they try to get these counts within reasonable amounts as well as get the massive fluid retention down as well.

Liver transplant is possible but reasonably few livers are available and many young people needing one would take precedence over an older person who might potentially turn around like Mickey Mantle and go back to drinking (Dr’s words).

He will be in ICU for likely 2-3 more days at this point, it is hour by hour as to what they will do based on his responses to treatment.

Not sure there is a way forward; just a way to mitigate what is if he responds to treatment and they can get him past detox safely


He is awake and somewhat lucid but not completely

November 30


Jim is on the way to the ER.


We have been here since my last msg.

They have done all kinds of blood tests, EKG, etc. and off for cat scans and x-rays.

He is Jaundiced and has blood in stool. That much I already know.

Dr McDonnill also said that with all the bruising his body is trying to deal with along with his drinking are combining to cause the high bellirubin count thus the jaundice.

Will know more later after the Dr gets all his tests back.

They are putting him on a banana bag to get some nutrition in him soon too.

They will be keeping him or sending him to a better facility after the get all the results back. They did tell us that much.

They blew out his IV trying to put in the IV contrast, so they got blood everywhere and brought in a guy to put in a new IV. Have him on oxygen now too since the ordeal for the cat scan made breathing laborious.


They are moving him to ICU

He also has a compression fracture in his back but they are most concerned about his liver malfunction due to the bruising/jaundice/ cirrhosis, fluid retention in legs  and belly and having trouble breathing, overall severe weakness etc.

Jim is in Sentara’s Williamsburg Regional Hospital but they are still putting in the orders to get a bed in ICU.

They just brought him up to ICU.

Still do not know his room in ICU because I had to wait till they got him settled in and then they will come and get me.

His liver is failing. If he makes it through the night, there may b some things they can do to make him comfortable. But it sounds like the damage is not reversible.