November 30


Jim is on the way to the ER.


We have been here since my last msg.

They have done all kinds of blood tests, EKG, etc. and off for cat scans and x-rays.

He is Jaundiced and has blood in stool. That much I already know.

Dr McDonnill also said that with all the bruising his body is trying to deal with along with his drinking are combining to cause the high bellirubin count thus the jaundice.

Will know more later after the Dr gets all his tests back.

They are putting him on a banana bag to get some nutrition in him soon too.

They will be keeping him or sending him to a better facility after the get all the results back. They did tell us that much.

They blew out his IV trying to put in the IV contrast, so they got blood everywhere and brought in a guy to put in a new IV. Have him on oxygen now too since the ordeal for the cat scan made breathing laborious.


They are moving him to ICU

He also has a compression fracture in his back but they are most concerned about his liver malfunction due to the bruising/jaundice/ cirrhosis, fluid retention in legsĀ  and belly and having trouble breathing, overall severe weakness etc.

Jim is in Sentara’s Williamsburg Regional Hospital but they are still putting in the orders to get a bed in ICU.

They just brought him up to ICU.

Still do not know his room in ICU because I had to wait till they got him settled in and then they will come and get me.

His liver is failing. If he makes it through the night, there may b some things they can do to make him comfortable. But it sounds like the damage is not reversible.